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How does needle free injection work? Needle-free injections, also called needle-less or needless injections, are simply an injection without the need to use needles.

Sure Shot is a revolutionary needleless injection system that allows dentists to administer drugs and vaccines to their patients without causing any discomfort.

The nozzle is our needle-free syringe . Equipped with a graduated scale, it is characterized by a micro-hole of about 0.15mm which allows the drug to come out in less than 100 milliseconds . The SURE SHOT nozzle is sterile and disposable . Maximum capacity of 0.5ml.


Sure Shot is compatible for all dental treatments that require administration of anesthesia.


First Infusion: 0.1 ml to unbend the tissues and avoid eventual trauma (optional).

Second Infusion: 0.3 ml (only in the chin area the dose will be 0.2 ml). The tests made showed that, using the Sure Shot system, the dispersion period of the anesthetic is significantly lower than a traditional infusion. The anesthetic effect is almost immediate, the necessary doses are considerably lower and the risks of eventual side effects reduced.


Place Sure Shot only on the attached gingiva and palatal mucosa to prevent that the high-speed infusion can damage the mucosa.

Sure Shot can be used both on patients with permanent dentition and/or deciduous dentition.