The whole process of preparing the SURE SHOT injection system for use in a dental clinic is simple and easy. It should take a few minutes to set up the first time. It will get faster as you become better with each practice.

Prepare the injector – charging the spring:

Open the charger box :

Insert the Sure Shot Pen head into the Charger box as shown in the pictures below. Insert the stick in the charger box into the hole of the Sure Shot Pen head (as shown in the picture below). With the help of “push bar,” press the “ stick” into the Sure Shot Pen head. You should hear a “click” sound when the Sureshot is fully loaded.

Loading the anaesthetic drug into the needle-free syringes.

  1. Fill your standard dental syringe with the medicine of your choice as you are used to.
  2. Mount the adapter instead of the hypodermic needle.
  3. Take a syringe out of the sterile pack and push the plunger inwards to release it, only then pull back and forth to loosen it and finally push it back to its original state.
  4. Attach the syringe  to the adapter, with one hand hold the adapter and with the other hand turn the syringe clockwise to lock it in.
  5. Now slowly inject the medicine into the needle-free syringe, fill the desired dose. Repeat the actions listed above to fill up as many syringes  as you need. Have 2-3 syringes full with the  drug of your choice ready at all times before treatment begins.


Needle Free Injection for Dental filled medicine have one syringe filled with a small dose, only to the 0.15-to- 0.20ml line. This will be your first injected dose.

Now, make sure you match the dose on the Syringe to the numbers on the Sure Shot Pen. The numbers on the yellow part on the Sure Shot Pen represent dose. For example, 20 on the yellow part means 20 units (0.2ml).

If you use a higher number (pressure) on the Sure Shot Pen than on the Syringe, it will cause pain and/or discomfort. Always make sure the dosage (number) on the Sure Shot Pen matches the number on the Syringe.

After preparing the dose, make sure that the Syringe does not have any trapped air or bubbles.

Attach your filled syringe, inserting it in the head of the Sure Shot Pen, screwing it firmly in.

The system is now ready:

Now, to inject:

Always have the patient in the supine position for maximum access and comfort. Never inject while the patient is sitting upright as it limits the dentist’s view and access to properly inject.

The initial injection should be a low dose , between 0.15ml and 0.20ml, as a sensitivity test.

Wait a few minutes and then check the patient for any signs of hypersensitivity.

Before injecting, make sure to pull the cheek away from the area at the injection site. After pulling the cheek away, the vestibule will be visible.

Place the tip of the syringe in contact with the vestibule .

While pulling the cheek away from the injection site, adjust the injector to an angle away from the bone so that the injected local anaesthetic solution will be injected directly into the vestibule.

Avoid increasing the injector’s angle because this may cause injury to the bone as the anaesthetic exits the injector at high speed.

After injecting keep the Sure Shot Pen tip pressed against the injection site for a few seconds while using it to massage with gentle and small circular motions. This will distribute the local anaesthetic drug into the injection site and help prevent bleeding.