About Sure Shot

Sure Shot is a revolutionary needleless injection system that allows dentists to administer drugs and vaccines to their patients without causing any discomfort. This system is a type of medical injecting syringe that uses high-pressure – it uses the narrow jet of the injected liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin).
Sure Shot is a compact system and delivers up to 0.5ml (50 units) of any liquid medication, it can also be referred to as a jet injector.
Sure Shot is an astonishing device that has given individuals with needle phobia the confidence and reassurance to receive or self-administer medication via the needle free injection system. It gives needle phobics the power to receive vaccinations or to allow their medical health professional, to administer local anesthesia to perform simple procedures such as stitches.

Characteristics of the Sure Shot

With its innovative technology, Sure Shot creates a very thin linear jet that goes beyond the dermis allowing the subcutaneous absorption of drugs or vaccines.

  • Sure Shot increases the safety factor, as being needleless, there is no chance of accidental transmission of infections and diseases.
  • Sure Shot being needleless will reduce patient’s injection fear, unlike the traditional injection with a needle.
  • With Sure Shot you will be able to reduce the cost associated with the disposal of needles.
  • Sure Shot is commonly used in dentistry to administer anesthesia to patient’s skin or oral mucosa without any needle or causing them any pain.